Heather B. Armstrong is a speaker, a best-selling and award-winning writer, a brand consultant, and a Trivial Pursuit answer. 

As a pioneer in the world of writing and Internet advertising, Heather built a massive audience of her own while helping global brands create meaningful, targeted content that reaches people in new, inventive ways. She's also the mother of two daughters and can beat you at scrabble. 


Heather at heatherbarmstrong dot com

Mailing Address

Heather B. Armstrong
HBA Media, Inc.
1338 Foothill Drive #230
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

A full PDF copy of Heather B. Armstrong's media kit can be downloaded here:

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Social Reach

Media Features

Heather has been featured by numerous national publications and television programs for her work on dooce.com®, her overall media influence, and her commitment to her readers. 



Heather has had the pleasure of working with some of the world's top brands to create everything from sponsored content and web copy to social media strategies and video scripts. 




  • John Battelle, Found & CEO NewCo

    Heather is a joy to work with - she takes her craft personally, she never phones it in, and she won't cut corners. She understands the needs of brands, and she's not afraid to push them to be better. She places her audience first, and that's what makes her authentic. Plus, she's just fundamentally talented - so there's that.

  • John Dickerson, Chief Political Correspondent for Slate magazine and Political Director of CBS News

    Heather Armstrong is one of the most original voices I’ve come across. It’s not just that she chooses the right words, but she has a unique and sideways view of life that makes whatever she’s writing about seem vital, fun and interesting. She is an enthusiast who cares deeply about the world around her, but is enough of an iconoclast that she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks even if the world isn’t ready for it yet.

  • Erin Thornton, Executive Director of Every Mother Counts

    Heather Armstrong is one of those unique people who can paint pictures with words. As member of our Board of Directors, Heather Armstrong has provided invaluable and strategic guidance on how to create compelling and accessible messaging on the issues surrounding maternal health - a topic that is often nuanced and complex. 

  • Anil Dash, CoFounder of ThinkUp and Activate

    Heather is a rarity: A person who not only identified an entire underserved audience and gave it a voice, but also one of the few pioneers of social media who has managed to stay relevant for more than a decade. I can think of no more credible person to help a company or organization connect with its community online.

A full PDF copy of Heather B. Armstrong's media kit can be downloaded here:

Download Media Kit